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We are a black-owned design and creative production company based in Brooklyn, New York. We have a passion for designing and creating dynamic content with some style inspired by our city. Here at DCBYCA, inc., we specialize in visual graphic design crafting a unified image for their brand across digital communication platforms. We like to work with local freelance artists, which are picked to create a team tailored to each client's needs.

Our mission is to provide other black-owned businesses access to high-quality assets to brand and promote their company, especially in their early stages of growth.


Whether they are a hands-on company or more hands-off, we are here to design and create together with them at any scale of their business.

What We Do

Christopher Alvarado

I am the founder and creative director at DCBCYA, inc., with 7 years of experience as a visual graphic designer. Design Company by yours truly is a proud black-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve always had a passion for designing and creating dynamic content and strive to achieve that for my clients.

Ready for the next stage in my life, I am actively seeking a focused and creative design career in New York or Georgia. The areas that interest me are visual design and/or art direction. 


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